The Execute Digital Story

If you had have told me 5 years back I’d be running a Digital Marketing Agency based on the Sunshine Coast with clients across the world, I would have asked what are you smoking, drinking, or injecting!

From the time I left high school, until 2018, I’d done everything in my power to climb the ranks in the car industry, moving from an unknown trainee salesperson in Sydney, to a sales trainer and keynote speaker, doing most of my work in the United States, travelling the world with my family, and building the “Dave Benson show”.  

But in 2018, my life and career changed forever. After running a sales conference in Orlando Florida, I began building sales funnels and campaigns for Eric Thomas, a leading motivational speaker in the USA. And I realised one thing… 

I was a better Dennis Rodman than I was a Michael Jordan! 

In other words, I was better at helping others become successful by doing the stuff not many want to do, rather than just trying to make myself successful.

I remember hearing the quote from Zig Ziglar many years ago, “If you want everything in life you’ve ever wanted, just help everyone in life get what they want”. 

And this has become my mantra, and why I moved from just doing everything myself over the last few years to opening the doors on our digital marketing agency, Execute Digital.

Our mission at Execute Digital reads like this…

We provide world-class digital marketing services & online courses for life-changing personal brands by utilizing cutting edge social media advertising, eCommerce funnels and automation strategies that impact the world, equipping, empowering and training people to reach their fullest potential.

Simply put, we run Social Media, Sales Funnels, & Advertising for cool ass people we can help go to the moon.

In September 2020, I bit the bullet and hired 3 staff members, which has now turned to 10 so far, moving from my home office to a coworking space, and by next week, into our brand new, purpose-built studios in Maroochydore.

I believe there isn’t a business out there in today’s market that doesn’t need assistance when it comes to Social, Funnels, and Advertising to drive more sales… And my goal is to help the best of the best, become even better!

Stay tuned… The best is yet to come!

Dave Benson

Dave Benson

Dave Benson

Dave is an internationally recognised Digital Marketing Guru and Sales and Marketing Coach based in Australia, but serving clients across the world. Dave started his career in car sales for Holden in Sydney in 2001 and quickly became one of Australia’s youngest Sales Managers, before moving to the role of National Sales Trainer for Mitsubishi Motors Australia and then starting his own sales training company in 2015 and Digital Marketing Agency in 2017. He is the author of the best selling book 100 Days of Sales Greatness and is the founder of the Sales Hustlers car salesman movement which has more than 14,000 members from 11 countries and runs a yearly conference “Hustle & Grind” with more than 500 attendees each year in Orlando Florida.